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Published: Wed, 07/10/24

Updated: Wed, 07/10/24

Why walk when you can fly? 

A couple of years ago Paul held a two-weekend virtual training on Other-than-Conscious Communication. He is now making the recordings available to use free of all charge.

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This program will help you:

- Communicate with your own nonconscious to get better results from yourself.
- Communicate with the nonconscious of other people, so you can reduce resistance and gain more from any interaction and relationship.
- Model the way someone else uses their other-than-conscious mind, so that you can use your mind in a similar way to get similar results.

If you want to master something, there is nothing better than getting into the mind of a master.

When you can get into someone's mind, you not only can figure out how to influence them to decide in your favor, you can elicit almost any strategy you want.

If someone has a great memory, can type super-fast, plays better golf, can dance like a pro, charms the pants off everyone, you can too! Once you know how they use their brain, you'll be able to do the same.

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It is amazing what your brain can do when you know how to communicate with it.

What do you want to accomplish? What is the biggest goal you have now that can be propelled by using this information?

That’s the reason to get your free pass, to Dr. Paul‘s "Other-than-Conscious Communication Mindfest".

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See you again soon.

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